Inventor Drinks To Success

The News Star:

It’s called EX5. The “5” refers to the drink’s five benefits — quicker recovery, less sodium, lower calories, more electrolytes and less sugar, says inventor Brian Brothers of Covington.

Brothers said he got the idea while watching sporting events on television. So starting with the idea of improving sports drinks, he spent six months on the Internet, researching sports drink components such as sugar, sodium and important electrolytes.

One of the shortcomings of most drinks, he decided, is the low amounts of potassium and other electrolytes.

“I put together a formula and found that potassium creates a bad taste,” Brothers said. But to be effective, he believed, a new concoction needed a higher level of the element than other drinks on the market.

After spending almost a year researching his new product and another year with Finley and his researchers, Brothers and his business partner, attorney Craig Hart, established H&B Beverages.

The company expects statewide distribution in Louisiana by summer and has started in Baton Rouge.

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