Entrepreneurs and businesses from across North Dakota, shared their unique creations with people at Pride of Dakota Day.

For one Bismarck man, the idea of eating sandwiches and cold leftovers for lunch every day was enough to spark an invention.

“I saw a guy had a funnel on an engine one day, and I tried to heat some food on there, a burrito and tin foil,” said Lunch-Solutions Creator Sheldon Sivak. “And, half of it, one side of it was charred and the other side was cold yet.”

After the initial test, Sivak was back at work.

“It was trial and error for several months, you know, testing it to find a hot spot on the engine and once I found a hot spot, every diesel engine with a turbo on it, exhaust manifold it works on.”

To use it, you put your meal in the metal box, close the top, and stick it on the exhaust manifold. There’s also a clasp on the box for more security.

And, the Pack ‘N’ Heat is really easy to use, even on a quick lunch break.