Niche Biz: Professional College Paper Writer

A man who, after graduating from college, was unable to find a job started his own business writing other people’s college papers. His primary marketable skill is that he can write fast. He regularly writes 30+ pages of college level writing every single day. And yes, he knows that this is cheating.

How does it work:

I “work” for a website that runs a lot of custom essay websites. I’m not hired by them, technically work as a contractor. So I don’t do any of the advertising or anything like that, people submit essays to these websites, then I go to a page where I can select ones I want to write. When you first start, website admins have to approve every request you make for an essay (as in you have to write to the website telling them why you’ll be able to write the essay better than another writer). As you progress, you can then take up to 3 orders without admin approval, then eventually up to 10 (which is where I am).

How much money does he make:

This website charges anywhere between $10-40 USD/page. They take a huge cut though, and I get paid $5-$10.

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