Online Marketplace for Trunk Shows

Trunk Shows, also known as party businesses, the traditional in-home shopping parties for friends and family, are about to take a giant leap forward thanks to a revolutionary e-commerce system and online marketplace that connects fashion designers from all over the world with women who want to start their own business.

The Hybrid Her technology platform platform gives women the opportunity for unfettered creativity and flexibility, curating their own lines from a diverse group of female designers, showcasing those lines, and sharing their personal stories, and the stories of the designers they work with.

Co-Founders Stacey Duffy and Beth Smith, both long-time entrepreneurs with a passion for helping other women succeed, wanted to turn the traditional Trunk Show concepts “on their head”, by providing women (whom they call Mavens) with the innovative technology, tools, and network of support they need to run a business and thrive (in a competitive market).

“We created a supportive community that connects female designers from all over the world with women who want to run businesses selling their products. We are focused on making a difference in all these women’s lives, and that is part of our unique model,” says Duffy. “We then took what we loved about trunk shows, ditched the rest, and came up with a profitable and flexible way to make women’s lives work for them.”

So what makes Hybrid Her so different? Duffy and Smith say this company is for you if:

  • You’re a designer looking to expand your reach to new audiences and customers
  • You’re a “hybrid” – meaning you want to make money, but care a great deal about impacting social change through your work
  • You want flexibility – to work from home and be your own boss
  • You love fabulous and unique products that tell a story
  • You’re a social butterfly by nature
  • You want to be part of a community of women with the intention to work together and change the way women think about “work”
  • Hybrid Her empowers female social entrepreneurship, and gives 1% of all earnings to women-owned social ventures and social enterprises that directly improve the lives of women.To be a part of our team of designers and mavens who are changing the world, visit online and learn more!

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