The Next Wave Of Renewable Energy

Dr. Stefan Siegel, Ph.D., the founder and chief technology officer of the Atargis Energy Corporation, is very excited by the results of a test of a 1:10 scale model of his company’s patented Cycloidal Wave Energy generator.

Using the large wave pool at the Offshore Technology Research Center at Texas A&M University, the Atargis team was able to generate 370 Watts of electricity from the passing waves.

“You come up with a wild idea, and this idea really by now is about five or six years old, and you never know if it’s going to work, but this testing confirmed for the first time we truly produced electricity and that is definitely exciting,” Siegel said.

The Atargis design applies the basic science behind aircraft design in capturing the energy of passing ocean waves. A pair of airplane wing shaped hydrofoils are suspended between a set of supports. The passing waves push against the hydrofoils which then revolve around a central axel. In turn, the spinning axel to powers an electrical generator.

Photo by Leland

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