ZipKord: All in One Cell Charging

Next up, in my series of interviews with Walmart’s Get on the Shelf contestants is Jeff Rudd of ZipKord.


What product did you submit to Walmart’s Get on the Shelf contest?

226usb – Retractable Car/Wall Charger for iPhone / Micro phones

Where’d the idea come from?

The retractable concept started with our Handsfree product – 950ie – in 2002 – everyone was winding their cord around their phone – and you couldn’t unwind it in time when the phone rang – it was a real mess. From that success – we built up the business and at one point had over 45 different products. The 226usb is a result of the market maturing – and our focus on solutions for customers. This one product removes the need for 6 different products.

What’s your background (and or day job)?

I was a software project manager in the wireless world before starting this business in 2002. This is now my day (and night) job.

What difficulties did you have creating the product?

The biggest difficulties revolve around delivering the quality necessary to create a good product, verse the copy-cats that now flood the market with similar looking concepts, but – products that break 5-10 days after they leave the store.

Have you sold any? (or is the product currently for sale somewhere already?)

Yes – we have sold the concept for years under a few different brands – but – this specific item is just being launched.

ZipKord products are available on Amazon.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Seek perspective from as many people as you can – and then make your own decisions based on their advice. Listen to those who say you can’t do it – and learn from it – then make your product better based on it.

Thanks for speaking with us Jeff. For dealer and distributor opportunities, call 941-870-3056.

Their GOTS link is

Video below.

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