July 2013

Men In Tupperware

Peter Wooldridge’s two sons enjoy the benefits of their father’s job, but baulk at the idea of one day following in his footsteps. You see, Wooldridge Senior is a Tupperware salesman and can well appreciate his boys’ aversion to joining the family business. “They’ve grown up with Dad selling tupperware,” the Adelaide man says with […]

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New Fabric Generates Electricity

Colorado State University: Colorado State University apparel design and production researchers and students are working to develop natural-fiber outdoor clothing that can charge MP3 devices, tablets, computers, GPS units and cell phones with built-in — but comfortable to wear — solar panels. The project is so impressive that it was recently selected to compete in

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Business Hobbies

eHow.com: Exercising Fitness gurus who are passionate about staying fit have a unique opportunity to teach what they love to do. Whether you excel at weight lifting, yoga, pilates or mountain biking, you can take classes to become an instructor. Also consider getting a job as a coach for schools and clubs. Vintage Collecting Scouring

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Wedding Chapel On Wheels

MSNBC.com‎: In these convenient times, we’ve come to expect a certain level of customer service. Too tired to go shopping? Have your groceries delivered. Dog too shaggy? Summon the mobile pet groomer. Got the munchies at a weird hour? Oh look! A food truck! So perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that the quickie Las Vegas

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Divorce Hotel Biz

Sydney Morning Herald: Ah, le divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is so inconvenient, so uncomfortable, so… lacking in continental breakfasts. Well, at least it was until one Dutch entrepreneur/genius named Jim Halfens decided to open the Divorce Hotel, a one stop shop (actually, there are six branches conveniently scattered across the Netherlands) for couples

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Germany Dog Washer

Germans may have been a little slow in discovering the higher art of dog grooming, but after TV pet psychologists and canine spas, a dog wash has become the latest rage. DW.de: Lars Schütze has conveniently located Germany’s first “dog wash” next to the car wash he already operates. He said he’s hoping that his

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