LingleOnline: Teaching Materials For English Teachers

The Sunday Business Post:

LingleOnline lets teachers automatically create English language learning materials from current news sources. The application’s analysis engine allows teachers to analyse news articles to automatically identify grammar and vocabulary in context.

Founded in August 2011, the Dublin-based company was set up by Ian Butler and employs four people. Originally the software was developed out of a research project between the NDRC and the Dublin Institute of Technology.

“In teacher circles there are many conversations about what best practice is,” said CEO and founder Ian Butler. “One of the things that comes up consistently is the use of authentic materials.”

LingleOnline uses current articles from real news publications. With over 200,000 articles the service aims to cover a diverse array of subjects from news stories from around the world. Sources include The New York Times, The Guardian, China Daily, The Irish Times, The Telegraph, and USA Today. The application uses live news sources and updates daily.

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