Niche Biz: Hand-Painted Jeans

Casually dressed in a summer yellow T-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts, a blue pair of sunglasses on his head, Matt Limpede fit right into the student crowd at UTD’s Comet Lounge. There was nothing at all that give him away as the entrepreneur behind two successful businesses.

“I got lost there for a while — so much has changed around here,” he said, settling into the booth.

Limpede, a Comet alum from the class of 2006, is the owner and creator of Pride Pants — hand-painted rainbow-colored jeans for anyone who cares to express their pride in being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, or GLBT. In addition, Limpede is also the editor-in-chief of Carve Magazine, an online Dallas-based literary publication.

“I knew I was gay since I was a kid — I am a big believer in that it was determined before I could decide anything about it, I guess,” Limpede said. “I can remember being a kid, when I had a dream of me and a kid on the block kissing, and I told my family, and they were like ‘uhh… don’t tell anyone about that.’”

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