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The idea for silent barmen came to me while sitting with some friends at a popular, but crowded, bar in Cape Town.

My idea was to “get served” instantly without having to wait in a queue. Queues are inefficient for the establishment because patrons are being kept waiting to spend their money – what kind of business makes people wait to spend their money?

The problem
A round at our table consisted of four beers, which took all of a minute for the barmen to complete the transaction.

The problem was that the bar was crowded with people ordering cocktails, which slowed things down to a snail’s pace.

The solution
I decided that it would be far more efficient to place beer vending machines at strategic places around the bar so that people ordering beers could purchase them quickly without having to wait for people ordering cocktails.

I would get beer companies to brand the vending machines and make them pay for advertising and having a dedicated point of sale within every nightclub or bar. The bar owner would then get the vending machines free of charge, but would be able to make far more revenue at busy times.

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