Camping Gear Niche

Foster’s Daily Democrat

A business idea sparked by a particularly frigid and rather unpleasant winter mountaineering trip on top of Mount Washington brought to life a new line of revolutionary camping gear, infusing high-level engineering and creativity to the outdoor industry.

During Cam Brensinger’s overnight trek up the 6,289-foot peak, he spent an irritable night in a bivy,— a small, lightweight sack— which flapped in the wind making it hard to sleep. Instead of complaining he innovated, developing a business plan while attending graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design.

“He asked how he could make the experience better, using his own experience to help improve products in the industry,” Kate Ketschek, Director of Public Relations, said.

Three months after graduation Brensinger moved into a small historic building in Nashua to lift the outdoor business idea — NEMO (New England Mountain Equipment) off the ground.

Since NEMO’s 2002 entrance into the outdoor market, the company has used its high-level engineering and creativity to develop a niche in the well-established market.

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