Washing Car With Panache


…Recognising the immense opportunity of the gradually growing car wash industry, Ugochukwu Okoli, 25, a graduate of Igbinedion University, and CEO of Snypa’s Coozii Car-wash/Shisha, started his own car wash business thus adding to his chain of small-scale businesses that include Snypas CD World, Snypas Drivers Lodge, buildings on lease, which have been put out to the public on a very classy structure, but average pricing.

Talking on how he raised the capital to start this business, Okoli said, “When I set out to do a business I always tend to give out the perfect structure for the said business. I always give out the best and to bring out my idea to reality I draft a quotation on all it takes to set it up and I save towards that goal.”

In a bid to achieve excellence and leave customers with a high feeling of satisfaction, Okoli in an interview with BusinessDay, said, “I created the perfect relaxation outfit for the car wash business, with the perfect outdoor relaxing chairs, barbeque stands, fresh fruits juice machines, cold drinks, shisha and light music to put your mind to relax while you wash your car, this is a limit no car wash has reached.”

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