Mobile DNA Testing

Whos Your Daddy

It looks like a food truck, but instead of cooking up something that you can put into your mouth, they take a swab of your mouth and then cook up your DNA results. CBS New York has more:

It is a sign of the times — getting a quick DNA test is now as easy as walking up to a truck.

The “Who’s Your Daddy” recreational vehicle is selling DNA tests, mostly to fathers who suspect their children may not actually be theirs.

“They flag us down, they pull us over, they talk to us,” owner and operator Jared Rosenthal said Wednesday. “Sometimes, because of the nature of the services, they want to be a little more discreet about it, but they do come or they’ll call the number.”

In this business, Rosenthal said he deals with all kinds of crazy situations all day, every day.

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