Recoil Winders: A Kickstarter Success Story

David Alden is a Kickstarter success. He used to the website Kickstarter to fund his business and to take it from just an idea to tens of thousands of unit sales.

Recoil, a plastic device similar to a fishing reel for wires, provides an easy solution to tidy up offices, entertainment centers or the ear buds in your pocket. Alden’s Recoil is a simple plastic case that wires hook and wind into, keeping them neatly tucked inside the case.

Alden’s idea came from a typical frustration as he was moving into his new home in Park City just more than a year ago. Despite meticulously building a home for his family that reflected their personal style and accommodated the furniture and art, he couldn’t stop focusing on the chaos of wires strung throughout the house.

“I remember being mad that I hadn’t designed in a place to hide all these wires and cables,” Alden said. “Who likes to look at all these wires hanging everywhere?”

He ran to a nearby store to pick up a fishing reel. When he realized it would work, he started to think big.
“It was cool, but it wasn’t very practical,” Alden said. “A $300 fishing reel didn’t seem like the best way to store a 50-cent cord, so right then I realized it was a matter of winding the cords up effectively.”

Alden posted his project for funding on Kickstarter on January 17, 2012. He requested $10,000 in backing. His project still has 7 days left open, he’s already raised $99,357! In fact, his project was fully funded in less than three days! Guess there’s a pent up demand for something elegant to store wires and cables!

Video below.

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