Karen Bowersox granddaughter, who suffers from Down Syndrome, holds a special place in her heart. So, when her daughter suggested she find a way to start a business dedicated to clothes that would fit people living with downs comfortably, Karen saw an opportunity, reports Mentor Patch.

Though she knew nothing about making clothes, Bowersox knows a lot about running a business. She successfully operated a cleaning services company for 15 years and then sold it. She also ran her husband’s medical practice.

Bowersox found it’s impossible for parents and grandparents to find clothes for their Down syndrome children. Through her own research, she also discovered there are no apparel companies in the U.S. that make clothes for people with Down syndrome, who have unique body shapes. For example, their upper bones in the legs and arms are shorter, their shoulders slope, their necks are typically thicker, and they tend to be larger around the belly.

“That’s why regular clothes just hang on them and it’s why they always need to roll up their pants and sleeves,” said Bowersox. “My company will fill a huge need to make clothes for people with Down syndrome so they can look good and feel normal like everyone else.”

Once the children’s design patterns are finalized, Bowersox plans to start production runs at Chinese apparel manufacturers and market her new clothes later this year. Downs Designs also aims to make clothes for adults with Down syndrome.

Photo from Downs Designs

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