Renting party equipment has become big business, particularly in many big cities. And the business is lucrative too. Canopies, chairs, tables, stage platform, ice buckets or drums, cooking utensils, table cloth and such other party equipment are in hot demand by party organisers. There is hardly a weekend when parties are not held in large cities.

How to get started
Your initial step is to find out how much item is rented and for how long. Then you should investigate the cost of making or buying these items. For example, at the time of writing, one sturdy plastic chair costs between N800 and N1500. This will enable you to estimate your payback period. Once you determine how many of items to purchase and which ones you want to offer your clientele, you will then need to obtain a place where you can store the materials. An excellent location is a place that is near a well-travelled street.

If you are unable to secure a strategic place, you can still do well if you erect signs at strategic places announcing you are in business. People will beat a path to your location. A good way to get business is to place some occasional classified ads or send out handbills in your area.

The business thrives on referrals. Transportation is very essential in this business. You need to take your equipment to where the party is holding and back. A pick-up truck will be ideal for the business. If you cannot afford one at the initial stages, you may arrange with local transporters who will be glad to help because it means business for them. You should negotiate for a special rate, as you will often use the service of the transporter.