September 2013

Niche Biz:

Jack Abraham never enjoyed shopping online. One thing he disliked even more was calling retailers to see if an item was in stock, only to be put on hold for what seemed an eternity. Abraham came up with the idea for a website that would let users search for products in stock at local stores […]

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Niche Biz: Local Tours

Who knows your community better than you? If you know where all the great places to visit and eat are at in your town and city, why not start your own tours for tourists? That is exactly what Julia Segal is doing with her own business, Kingston By Fork. According to Frontenac EMC, she started

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Building A Better Antenna Topper

Nothing is safe from decoration, including car antenna’s. Obviously these devices are nothing new, but one inventor saw an opportunity to give them a makeover, reports Flea Market Zone. One night three years ago, Dewayne Lytle was sitting in his car when lightning struck. “I was in a drive through, and I saw a decoration

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At Inventables: Wet Surface Ink is the innovator’s hardware store. Whether you’re an inventor, artist or a tinkerer, you’re sure to find something useful at This week’s featured product is Wet Surface Ink. The marker pictured is capable of writing on wet surfaces. It contains a liquid ink just like a typical marker, only it has a special

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Elderly Are Big Biz in China

NY Times: At the Happy Community housing development in Beijing, China’s largest property developer is setting aside 24,000 square meters for active seniors to test whether this rapidly aging nation will pay for Western-style retirement living. The company, China Vanke, thinks there is “ample room for development” in the senior care sector, a spokesman said,

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