The following is a guest post.

What makes a house a home? Is it the walls, the people inside, or the big television you just bought? Most people would argue that what really makes a home cosy is all the apparently little finishing touches. Accessories and decorations can either be huge features, or just tiny touches that make a room complete without hogging the limelight. Some are for purely for aesthetics, some are practical, but all of these 10 home accessories are buys you can’t live without!

1. Hat Boxes

Storage just got classier. Sets of two or three hat boxes in vintage pastel colours and designs have taken the home market by storm. They look great, and 99% of the time there’s never a hat inside, they’re purely purchased for the style. Hat boxes are as much a feature as they are functional, and you can get yours from any major home-wares shop!

2. Teapots

As vintage makes a huge comeback in homes and fashion, it’s no wonder teapots have come back too. They left our kitchens for a long time, but going back to grass roots is increasingly on-trend, so brewing a cuppa and pouring from a cute vintage teapot is the in thing. Tell your teacups to keep up!

3. Rattan Storage

Storage is always hard to do, mixing practicalities and style. We want to have everything we need around us, but definitely not to be cluttered in piles. Whether it’s your TV remotes, your books, cutlery or logs for the fire, try a rattan-style storage option. These wooden weaves last and look great in all sizes and environments. They’re the next step up from wicker baskets but have gone above and beyond the style, creating spectacular storage options you can’t live without.

4. Photo wall

This craze is in just about every interior décor magazine going at the moment; you definitely want to keep up with the game with this stylish idea. These home accessories are definitely on the decorative side, but are an absolute must have this season. Photo walls are a montage of different sizes and even styles of frame, with large and small arranged to take up a large space, or all of the wall. They look great, and you can change and rearrange at your leisure!

5. Modular Closet

Stuck for space in your bedroom? Buying more clothes and shoes and don’t have any more room to keep them all? Before you pay the charity shop a visit and hand over your lifelong friends through teary eyes (guys, this could equally mean you too) – consider upgrading your wardrobe. Modular clothes storage means you buy expansions and different pieces to your upgradable storage as you need it; you can even make it a stylish feature in your bedroom. If you buy more shoes, buy more shoe rack parts, get more shirts and coats, and buy another hanging section!

6. Art

Get a big painting. Or simply hang a kids drawing in a giant frame and make it a feature. Big feature artwork in bright colours is in, and it looks great. Big colourful pieces brighten a room, draw attention, and can even be a real cost effective way of decorating your space. Why not have a go at creating something yourself? Release the artist in you, it’s a great talking point and you’ll be very proud of yourself too.

7. Get Collecting

Great quirky décor accessories are collections. It could be anything that you’ve collected, large or small, but makes for a great feature idea. Arrange old plates, cups, saucers, stamps, clocks, beer glasses or vinyl records! They will always attract attention, and it’s not likely that anyone visiting will have seen it before.

8. Houseplants

Going green is always a winner. Although it’s an age-old trick, adding a big houseplant as a home feature to your living space works like an absolute charm. It gives your space a fresh, natural touch and psychologically makes people feel more at ease, comfortable and lively. You can’t go wrong…unless you forget to feed it, of course.

9. Stencils

An absolute must-have accessory that you can’t live without this year is stencil. The wave of customisation in home décor keeps rolling, and having stencils and patterns means you can paint, sketch or colour almost anything in your house with great vintage patterns. It’s amazingly easy to do and provides wonderful matching effects to a room.

10. Candles

It had to be candles. No top 10 accessory list would be complete without candles. They are the ultimate decoration, despite the fact that they are hardly ever lit. Women have an unparalleled and unprecedented fascination with candles of all shapes, colours and sizes. They are the perfect accessory for a living room, bathroom or bedroom to add some heat to the home.


Handpicked from the latest trends, and from fashion throughout the ages, these 10 home accessories are a great mix of ease and aesthetic. The great thing about them is that not one is reserved for solely the middle class, or only looks great in millionaire mansions. These are amazing elements that look fantastic, and are affordable too. Make your space unique, special, and get the modern, cosy or designer feel that you’ve always wanted. Get stuck into your interior with these great accessories that you just can’t live without.