Everpurse: It’s A Purse And Charger

Like a superhero, one social worker turned inventor has come to every woman’s rescue with a unique purse that will also double as a charger for your cellphone. Chicago Tribune has more about this unique invention:

Smartphone owners have plenty of on-the-go charging options, from USB sticks to solar-powered backpacks. But Liz Salcedo wanted an option that was fashionable and easy, something that didn’t require extra cords or special cases.

Enter the Everpurse, a slim zippered clutch with a dedicated pocket that can keep an iPhone charged at 50 percent or above for 24 hours under standard usage. The clutch, which fits credit cards and other necessities, can be carried by itself or slipped into a larger bag. The Everpurse system comes with a charging pad, roughly the length and width of a mass market paperback, that can fully charge the clutch in roughly six hours.

Salcedo, who is working on Everpurse full-time as an entrepreneur, launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter Monday. She hopes to raise $100,000 in the next 33 days through the online crowdfunding platform, which specializes in art and design projects. The money will go toward ramping up production and making Everpurse a sustainable business venture. The current system only works with the iPhone, but future roll-outs could include charging options for other smartphones and tablets, as well as accessories for men.

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