Photo by Kamila Gornia

Since almost all fruits contain a positive nutritional attribute, every fruit is super in it’s own way. But that doesn’t stop some from making a killing in the “superfruit” niche. BusinessWeek has more:

Once a niche industry, the “super-premium” juice business, more focused on healthy, exotic nectars than the kinds of juices purveyed by Welch’s and Tropicana, is now a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

At the heart of this industry is the heated race for new and ever more health-promoting ingredients. On one end of this spectrum are vegetables that few would associate with refreshing juices—such as kale or celery. On the other are “superfruits,” an astonishingly flexible marketing term that seems to generally refer to fruits heavy in antioxidants, but for which “there is no scientific or regulatory definition,” says Jeffrey Blumberg, director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s antioxidants research laboratory.

Photo by Kamila Gornia.