Family-Run Business Finds Success With The New Orleans Snoball

Inspired by the New Orleans Snoball, The Original Snoball Shack has taken this delicious treat and released it from those traditional binds.

Through their licensing opportunity, the Snoball Shack has allowed entrepreneurs around the US to start up their own Snoball stands in their locations. Because it’s not a franchise, there are no fees, just profits.

We’ve had the chance to speak with Dominic Duplantier about this family-run business and the licensing opportunity they offer.

What is a New Orleans Snoball?

Think a Sno-Cone on steroids! An Authentic New Orleans Snoball is a lightly shaven ice confection that is drenched in a variety of decadent syrup flavors and condensed milk. Our flavors are unique to New Orleans such as Nectar Cream, Orchid Cream Vanilla, Cream of Chocolate, Creamsicle and Red Velvet Cake. It has been the treat of choice and a staple of New Orleans culture for over 70 years.

While this is the kind of product that would be embraced in New Orleans, what has the reaction been like in other areas of the country?

We believe our product appeals to every age group, and we continue to have great success. Everyone enjoys a delicious icy treat on a hot summer’s day!

What sets your business opportunity apart from the competition?

Our business is fun easy to learn and very inexpensive to own and operate. It is completely Turn-Key. Plus the administrative side can be run from any home office. We pride ourselves on our great customer service, delicious syrup concentrates, and quality products. We always go the extra mile for our licensees. We give them a franchise product, without the franchise price tag!

What requirements must be met before someone can take on a Snoball Shack business?

Licensees are required to purchase syrup concentrates directly from us, and sign a one time Trade Mark licensing agreement to protect our trade name and proprietary flavors. We do not overcharge our licensees for our syrup concentrates or products. We have actually worked with our suppliers, to get the best prices possible. We want happy profitable licensees. We also do not charge any Franchise Fees! Advertising Fees! Or Royalty Fees! Business owners keep all the profits they earn!

What inspired the launch of your company?

Remembering the delicious icy treats we used to enjoy back in New Orleans. They were always healthier than high fat Ice Cream and less expensive too.

How has it grown/changed since the Snoball Shack launched in 2006?

We have grown from a small snoball kiosk, to selling our business opportunity and delicious syrup concentrates all over the United States. We continue to run our business the same way we started, by giving a great product, exceptional customer service and a friendly smile.

Have you always had entrepreneurial tendencies?

Yes. For as long as I can remember. When I was young boy, I use to always run a car washing or lawn mowing route. I didn’t get an allowance so I had to make my own way. This drive helped give me the tools I needed to start my own company.

Can you describe the moment you decided this was the business for you?

The first day we opened. I enjoy serving others. I knew this was the business for me because it was a people type business.

What goals do you have for the company that you’d like to reach within the next year or so?

Our plans include, continuing to give our licensees great service and quality products. Our future plans include mall kiosks, trailers, inline stores and outdoor drive thru kiosks. Sky’s the limit.

Has the recession had any effect on your company?

The only area we have experienced a problem, is trying to get customers with bad credit financed, other than that our company has continued to grow.

How have you handled it?

We continue to work with over 75 banks to help those with good or not so good credit, realize the dream of owning there own business.

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