Niche Biz: EcoVino

EcoVino has discovered a unique niche by combining a love of wine with the the growing green trend. From the vine to your glass, they use an eco-friendly, organic process to maintain quality and minimize the impact on the planet. They have even tossed out the traditional bottle for a more compact easy-to-carry pouch.

The packaging, a food grade wine bladder called an Astrapouch, is made in South Africa. EcoVINO isn’t the only company using the packaging, but they were the first to put organic wine in one, Large said.

Popping the cork on a bottle of wine has its place, Large says, like a romantic dinner or special celebration. But the ecoVINO package is suited for an everyday wine drinker who is concerned about the environment.

The recyclable plastic pouch holds a liter and a half of wine, the equivalent of two bottles, but weighs 3.6 pounds, about half as much as two full glass bottles. It’s meant to be consumed immediately, not aged.

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