Sell Your Cameraphone Pictures And Videos

So you’ve got a camera phone, why not make some money out of it?

Red Ferret is reporting that Fizwoz is a new online marketplace where you can auction your captured images and video to the highest bidder. You set the start bid and Buy it Now price, upload the content and sit back and wait for the dosh to come rolling in. Easy eh?

It’s all very paparazzi sleaze, stalk me in the morning, but hey, welcome to life in the 21st century. From what we can see, you’ll grab a princely $1 or $2 for most mundane subjects, rocketing to a massive $36 for a pic of Cindy Crawford in cut-offs, so don’t order the Ferrari just yet, will ya?

There’s a phone app you can install on your handset to make things easier (Blackberry, iPhone and Windows coming, but no Android) and publishers can set photo assignments for the community to complete for money, how very crowdsourcingly lovely!

Photo by Fizwoz.

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