Budwrap: The Bracelet That Stores Earbuds

People love to listen to music on the go. Whether they’re jogging, suffering through a long commute, or walking around a school campus. However, where do their earbuds go when they are done using them?

Mark Williams has created a simple solution to a problem that has existed since the iPod was invented. He’s created a unique bracelet that makes it simple to wrap and store the earbuds on your wrist until you’re ready to use them again. The portability of his device makes it great for anyone on the go.

On the Budwrap website, Mark mentions what inspired his invention.

Then one morning at the beginning of the school day, (my first year as a high school teacher) I walked from my car to the front of the school and saw many students wearing two popular things…earbuds and silicone bracelets. Bingo! The idea hit me like a swift slap across the face as if the idea was staring me down the entire time — “I can re-invent the silicone bracelet to manage earbud cords!” And that very morning the Budwrap was born!

His Kickstarter video is after the jump.

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