October 2013

Tomboy Tools Showing Pink Pride

Sentinel-Standard.com: One independent company is not only encouraging women to be more handy, but it is also providing a way for buyers to help fund breast cancer awareness and education. Tomboy Tools provides a large selection of tools and novelty items designed especially for women and adorned in pink to help build confidence and empower […]

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Superbowl Ad For The Little Guy

Superbowl ads may represent the largest companies around the world, but one ad this Sunday will be for the “little guy,” reports OC Register. Kauffman says that the ad, which employs the same animated illustration style used in the Foundation’s popular Sketchbook series, outlines the growth of a simple idea into a successful business. It

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From Homeless To Biz Owner

TheSun.co.uk: When Hayley Miller ended up in a homeless hostel, she could have easily headed down the path of drugs and alcohol – just like many of the young people she was living with. But instead she took a different route and sought sanctuary in her passion for fashion. Since her days at the hostel,

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Products to amuse and inspire. Dress For Dinner Napkin. Dressing for dinner has never been so easy! Disposable Lighter Camcorder. Perfect for spying on smokers and pyromaniacs. Goldfish Trash Bags. The neighbors will be calling the ASPCA within minutes. Mix Stix. Be the percussion hero of your kitchen. Photos by perpetualkid/redferret/trendsnow.

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Smart Speed Bumps

Fast Company: Decano Industries’ smart speed bump is so intuitive, it’s difficult to figure out why no one invented it before. The bump, which is made up of two steel plates, uses a patented device to measure the force of a car’s impact. If the car is safely cruising at or below the speed limit,

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