Text Messaging and Marketing Have Grown Up

Although, texting (also called text messaging or SMS) was originally thought of as another avenue for teen communication, it has caught on with adults as well and is now a reputable part of the business world.

According to Pew Research, nearly half of all American adults own smartphones.

What happens if a business prospects logs onto your website with his smart phone? As we saw earlier today, having a mobile version of your website is becoming a requirement of doing business — in fact, that necessity was one of the driving forces that drives the live redesign of this site. Can you communicate with the prospect via their cellphone? Sure, you can call, but what if they’re in the middle of a business meeting and instead of paying attention to the powerpoints they’re dreaming about starting their own business? What if they aren’t capable of answering their phone right then?

Have you considered contacting your prospects via text messaging? Their’s an immediacy to the text that doesn’t exsist with any other form of communication. People will stop real live conversations to glance at their phone and reply to a text. Will they do that with an email? Not nearly as often. A phone call? Maybe, but then you’ve broken the mood.

Consider adding a text messaging element to your prospect followup and marketing.

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