“I’ll have a Big Mac, French fries, Coke and a wedding for 50, please.”

Yes, fast-food giant McDonald’s is getting into the weddings business – initially, only at three restaurants in Hong Kong – with “McWeddings,” Reuters recently reported.

Sure, McDonald’s move doesn’t have immediate implications for hotels; initially, McWeddings will most likely lure couples who considered restaurant weddings. But if the concept takes off, you never know. Many hotels – including economy hotels – rely on weekend weddings business for income.

The Golden Arches will play on cultural differences to put their Mc-twist on wedding traditions.

“Traditional weddings use cherries for the newlyweds to eat together and kiss. We will have French fries for them to kiss,” the English-language newspaper South China Morning Post quoted Helen Cheung at McDonald’s as saying.

Photo by Hospitality Business News.