High School Student Solving The Energy Problem


What possible use could Josh have for all that old oil? Turns out Josh has been using household chemicals to turn that oil into diesel fuel.

“Here is the diesel that can actually be used straight into an engine,” he says, pointing to the amber liquid that has separated from the fats in a storage jug. Minutes later Josh pours the bio-diesel into a pickup truck belonging to the father of one of his friends.

“It has a little bit smaller of a carbon chain than regular diesel does, explains Josh.

The friend appears unconcerned that a high school sophomore has just poured homemade fuel into her dad’s Chevrolet truck.

He’s also just warming up. Josh already has an agreement to collect used cooking oil from a local Chinese restaurant. He’s now in talks with Elk River’s school bus provider about selling them his fuel. But that’s just to raise some capitol.

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