Creating a WordPress website from scratch can be challenging if you have no guidance to follow. Furthermore, most people try to start an online business will quit or fail because they do not stick to a proven blueprint with actionable tasks.

In this book, Ming Jong Tey will walk you through step-by-step to create your website with WordPress and to start your online business! Each chapter contains essential tasks for you to take action so that you will get the most out from this book and stay on the right track.

By following the step-by-step tutorial and completing the tasks for the first five chapters, you will get your WordPress website up and running! You will also discover a proven business model and the techniques to run your online business in the next 14 chapters.

What you will learn in this book:

  • How to choose your domain and hosting account
  • Exact steps to register your domain and point to your hosting account
  • How to create your website powered by WordPress in just a few clicks
  • How to create your first post with image, video, links, etc… in WordPress
  • 12 essential WordPress plugins you need to supercharge the performance of your website
  • An overview of the business model
  • Niche selection using reverse-engineering approach
  • How to target people in the buying mode
  • Competition analysis
  • 5 proven free traffic generation techniques to attract tons of visitors

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