Late Night Innovation

What happens when you can’t sleep? For Dennis Linton, that is the perfect time to invent. According to North Harbour News, it is during that time when he comes up with most of his innovations.

That’s what led to him designing new types of hydraulic jacks which helped save the life of a man in February. The alloy jacks – as powerful as steel ones but half the weight – are made in his one-man Albany factory, Hydraulic Force Tools Manufacturing.

Twelve of them – six 50-tonners and six 25-tonners – were in the package of specialist equipment Dennis supplied to the Fire Service’s Urban Search and Rescue organisation in Christchurch.

Dennis has specialised in producing hydraulic products for more than 40 years.

“But I’ve been designing and making things nearly all my life. I started when I was about eight by building a dolls house for my sister.

“My mother used to boast that when I was a month old I was smart enough to teach her the best way to fix my nappy with a pin.”

Photo from HydraForce

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