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Niche Invention: Bite Counter

Niche Invention: Bite Counter

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The Bite Counter is a watch-like device that counts how many bites of food you take. Working like a pedometer that counts your steps, it counts the number of times you bring your fork up to your mouth.

The Bite Counter tracks wrist motion. In order to pick something up, the fingers must be aimed downwards; to place something into the mouth, the fingers must be aimed sideways. Between these actions, the wrist must roll. Try it! Watch your wrist as you pretend to eat.

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Our patent pending technology uses this principle along with sophisticated filters and heuristics to determine when the user has taken a bite of food or drink of liquid. Calories are calculated from bite count based upon a formula similar to what is used in exercise equipment for estimating calories burned.

At $119.95, it seems like a pretty good deal. Get yours or find out more on their website.

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