Caricature Yourself:

In the old days, if you needed a comic representation of your face inked by a professional artist, it would cost you more than $15 (adjusted for inflation, of course!) and take longer than a couple hours. But that’s exactly what you can get today from They call them customized cartoon avatars.

Earlier today I sent over my photo and two hours later they sent me back my graphic.

What do you think? is the brainchild of internet cartoonist Len Peralta.

I believe in many things. Ghosts. Elves. Bigfoot. But most of all, I believe in
making art affordable for everyone.

I’ve drawn hoboes and molemen and superheroes and video game characters. You know, all the stuff that would end up in the margins of your notebooks in grade school, high school and college. Somehow I’ve managed to eek a living out doing these things. No one is more amazed at this fact than I am.

One of the things I love about what I do is that I can wake up every day and never know what my pencils and art pens will be drawing that day.

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