Innovation: Stem Cells Anti-Aging

A new innovation in the skincare and anti-aging pantheon made its debut on July 25, 2012, at New York’s MPE Penthouse. The product suite, U Autologous, launched by Personal Cell Sciences, is a skincare line created and customized for each individual using their own stem cells.

The U Autologous Regenerative Product Suite utilizes the adult stem cells found in an individual’s body fat to address each person’s unique skin care needs.

The line consists of Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Eye Cream, Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Moisturizer, and Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Firming Serum. In a process designed to be minimally invasive, a mini-liposuction is performed in a plastic surgeon’s office to collect 2oz (60ml) of body fat from the adipose tissue. Autokine-CM, the main ingredient in the U Autologous Regenerative line is made from the stem cells obtained, and harnessed through a process that isolates the adult stem cells from the fat tissue.

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