Moms Making Big Money Selling Baby Products

Amy Long and Samantha Scott are two local entrepreneurs who think they know what moms want. After all, they’re experienced mothers.

Long and Scott created two different products that weren’t readily available when their children were babies. They are moms making money marketing to other moms. It’s a consumer group that’s continually renewing itself.

According to national statistics, about four million babies are born each year and 40 percent are born to first-time mothers. The vast majority of new moms say they spend money on easy-to-find brands that other moms recommend.

Long said she got tired of blankets that kept falling off the stroller so she invented a dual clip version and calls it Secure-2-Me.

Scott is also having success marketing colorful baby accessories under the brand name of Ratzer Fratzer.

Their products are not yet sold in the big box stores, but their hard work is creating some buzz.

“I’m working out the details of offering an exclusive line of Ratzer Fratzer products for,” said Scott.

“Our goal is to sell our company for $9 million by 2010,” said Long.

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