The clothes people wear can say a lot about their personalities. When attending a business function, it’s important to send the right message to the other guests in order to create the right impression. Many business occasions, such as a business party or networking event, do not have a dress code written on the invitation. This may leave some people unsure as to what to wear. There are guidelines that one can follow to ensure that the chosen apparel is appropriate for business related gatherings.

Focus on Neutral Colors

It is best to stick to neutral colors that don’t distract as bright colors often do. Getting noticed for just your brightly colors clothing may give the wrong impression. Neutral colors such as black, grey or white should be used. Cream and navy-blue colors work well as a neutral color scheme too.

Instead of trying to draw attention through vibrant colors, accessories can do the trick too without going overboard. Items such as a scarf or bracelet for woman and a tie for man can help to make your outfit appealing without being too distracting.

Keep the Cleavage to a Minimum

As a woman, it is best to avoid showing too much cleavage during a business party. Low-cut dresses can reveal more than what is acceptable for a formal business event. If you wear a party dress that is too low-cut, then covering up with a scarf or other garment during the main event should do the trick in case there is an after-party to attend and you don’t want to change outfits.

Match Texture, Design and Outfits

A great way to make an outfit look better is to wear matching designs and textures of the fabric. A matching outfit creates a clean, competent look which can help make a better first impression. Non-matching items include dotted patterns with stripped patterns among others.

If the business event allows one to invite a partner, then matching the two outfits with one another will create a greater overall appeal. Matching outfits can also create a sense of unity among partners which can make people feel more comfortable and trusting of the couple.

Use Cologne and Perfume Modestly

Smelling nice for a business event is important but the events may oftentimes be in a small environment which can limit the amount of fragrance that should be used. Fragrances that are naturally subtle should be chosen over more spicy types of fragrances. Applying only a small amount of perfume initially and spraying more at a later stage can also allow one to not over-spray and just apply more when it is needed.

Subtle Make-up

As a woman at a networking event, it is important not to use too much make-up. Approach the application of make-up with a subtle touch to bring out the features of the face a bit more. Soft make-up in Earth-tones is a more professional look since it is less a social event as it is a business event.