Need an interesting way to display all those photo cards you receive during the holidays? Cardigans has your solution. Their festive displays open up to easily hold photo cards of varying size, so you can show them off on your tables or fireplace mantle around your home.

It all started when this proud mom wanted to show off photo cards of her children.

“It happened out of a need,” she said. “I would put my photo cards along my mantel, and every time I would walk by they would fall down over and over again… it drove me crazy! So I thought I just want cute little easels to put straight across my mantel, and I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I made my own.”

“I started out cutting cereal boxes, because it’s the right thickness, and really it was the only thing I could find around the house,” Brown said. “As luck would have it, it turned out to be perfect!”

The homemade version lead to the perfect printed copy.

“I printed my first rounds two years ago this Christmas and gave them out for free to my friends and family,” she said. “They went nuts over it, and they wanted more to give to their friends and family, and I made more and I said, ‘Hmmm… maybe I can sell them instead of giving them away.'”

Cardigans photo card stands are now selling for $2.99 a package, along with Brown’s adhesive Send-a-longs, which you send out with photo cards before dropping them in the mail.