Bellevue Reporter:

As a contractor and gardener of more than three decades, Jim Fabregas has lost a few tools in his day. Whether it’s dropping a lopper in the garbage, or leaving a tool in the bush, keeping track of supplies can be a real hassle. So about six years ago, Fabregas began fashioning an attachable tool case out of wood and plastic, drilling holes for various pieces of equipment, including cup holders for beer and a cell phone. It began as just a personal organizer, but soon neighbors saw it and wanted their own.

The family traveled around to trade shows, and sold the product online for approximately $20-$25 a piece for several years, before getting a big break. The caddy was picked up by ABC World News over the holiday season as a Made in America gift. More than 5,000 new orders came in, almost overnight, representing more units than the family sold since the product was invented.

Part of the appeal comes from the universal utility. It has rounded and straight edges so it can attach to wheel barrows or yard waste bins. An attachment for a strap allows the product to be slung over the shoulder while on the move. Brackets are included as well, so the caddy can be screwed into the wall.

Image from Garden and Tool Caddy