Peninsula Daily:

Student carpenters in the green building program at Peninsula College are working on their first mini-home.

The students, who began work in February on the structure at the Lincoln Center in Port Angeles, are finishing its exterior this month and expect to complete the interior in the fall.

They hope to sell the mini-home when it is completed and use the profits to fund similar projects next year — and already have about eight people who are interested in purchasing it, they said.

The mini-home is 256 square feet and has a 48-square-foot deck.

“It’s big for a mini-home,” said student Erik Fullingim.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. sells plans for mini-homes as small as 65 square feet.
Kitchen, bathroom, two lofts

The Peninsula College version features a kitchen, bathroom, living area and two sleeping lofts. To keep costs low, students installed a used toilet.