You Can Have Your Chocolate, And Sell It Too!

While we work our way out of this recession, there is one industry I am sure will make it through; the chocolate industry. Everyone loves a little treat once in a while. Chocolate is an affordable luxury, one that just about any budget can make room for. In that case, wouldn’t it make sense to sell something that people are not likely to give up?

Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a direct sales company that allows “Chocolatiers” from all over sell their chocolate through at-home tasting parties. Much like a Tupperware party, except each guest gets to try, rather than look at, this product.

Tell us a little bit about Dove Chocolate Discoveries.

DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESâ„¢ (DCD) provides chocolate-lovers the opportunity to discover their inner entrepreneur — or “Chocolatier” — by starting an at-home chocolate business, beginning with conducting Chocolate Tasting Parties, selling exclusive DCD products and developing a network of Chocolatiers. The product line includes a wide range of tempting treats like Chocolate Mousse Mix, Chocolate-Covered Almonds and Cranberries, Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix, Chocolate Candy-Making Kits and a variety of chocolate beverages including Smoothie Mixes and a Chocolate Martini mix.

What does a Tasting Party consist of?

A tasting party starts with a host inviting friends or family over to sample decadent chocolate treats and to discover something new about their favorite flavor. The party can be agirls night out or a couples event exploring the perfect pairing of chocolate and wine. A trained Chocolatier demonstrates the latest chocolate temptations while guests sit back and enjoy the tasting from easy-to-make, decadent desserts and sippable drink sensations to ready-to-eat treats and giftables. A Chocolatier also teaches guests how to create “wow” desserts with ease, uncovers new ways to enjoy chocolate and shares the secrets behind its origin.

What makes this direct sales opportunity unique?

DCD is helping people turn their passion for chocolate into a career. It’s hard to think of a better combination than that. The product line is also affordable with 60% of our products under $20. DCD stands out from the crowd in that it’s providing a home party experience that people really want to go to — they get to taste delicious chocolate and discover new ways to use chocolate everyday.

What goes into joining as a Chocolatier? What comes with the opportunity?

A Chocolatier needs no experience, just the ability to share her enthusiasm for chocolate. It’s easy to get up and running with the $149 Business Kit which provides everything needed to hold the first 4-6 parties. Through sales over the first 90 days, a Chocolatier can earn the Candy-Making Supplement ($400+ retail value) free!

Whether someone is looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity or a little extra cash, she can balance work and life priorities with DCD. In addition, DCD is a start-up company with the solid support of Mars, Inc. the largest candy company in the world. DCD provides everything from seminars to training tools and personal guidance.

Sign up is online at or call 1.800.986.DOVE (3683)

While we know of the Dove brand, how long has the direct sales section been around for?

DCD launched in the spring of 2007.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Growth trends in premium chocolate and the rise in home entertaining were the key inspiration behind DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES. With the ever increasing demand for premium chocolate and with DOVE leading the pack as the fasting growing brand in the segment, we knew we had a winning idea.

At this time, how many representatives would you say are currently with the company?

We have more than 1000+ Chocolatiers selling coast to coast.

How has the recession affected sales and sign ups? (i.e. has there been a boost or drop, etc?)

We’ve seen no drop off in sign ups and sales continue to grow. In fact, the business is very well positioned in a downturn economy given the incremental earning opportunity it offers to Chocolatiers and the fact that it’s a business you can start right away. It’s also an affordable luxury that consumers can indulge in. Given the current state of the economy and people’s fears for the future, attending a tasting party is a social outlet and a way for women to network.

What goals do you hope to reach within the next year or so?

We hope to more than double our sales force over the next year and hear that people across the US are asking — “How do I get invited to a chocolate tasting party?”

What lessons has this business taught you?

When you have a quality product that people enjoy every day combined with an entrepreneurial sales force who can build a business based on their needs, there’s no stopping us. We listen to our sales force and consumers; they are the source of inspiration for new products, incentives, and ways to enjoy our products. I happen to be a triplet and one of the values that our parents taught us as children was the idea of “all for one and one for all.” With thousands of entrepreneurs making up our sales force, we understand that our corporate success is based on the individual achievements of thousands of entrepreneurs and we need to encourage, reward and recognize their individual and team accomplishments.

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