Young Sisters Sell Spa Products for Girls

Sweet Dreams Girlz

Businessweek has the story of Sweet Dreams Girlz. The company founded by two young sisters, Brea and Halle out of their need for skin and fragrance sensitive beauty products.

“Well, it was kind of my idea,” says Halle, a sixth-grader. “We were going to have a spa night at home, so we went to the local store and found that there weren’t any girls’ beauty lines. So I turned to my sister and said, ‘Why don’t we start our own?’”

Brea agreed. “I had sensitive skin when I was younger,” she says. “I had issues finding products that were natural and that didn’t irritate my skin. I thought it was good idea—we should start something on our own.”

Sweet Dreams Girlz launched in 2010 with a $6,000 investment from their parents. According to Lisa, who owns a plus-size fashion line called Honey Clothing, the girls’ company brought in roughly $22,000 in revenue last year. This year, so far, they’ve pulled in $5,000. Their most popular items, they say, are the Pink Sugar Body Wash Smoothie, Iced Lemon Cookie Body Wash Smoothie, and the Body Frosting Moisturizer. “The girls always loved things that are sweet,” say Lisa, explaining the sugary labels. (Other scents include Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pomegranate Peach, and Marshmallow.) “These are the things they like. They vetted all of the products with their friends in their own little focus group.”

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