Toledo Blade:

Residents who find lost dogs that are wearing Lucas County license tags will now be able to go online and find out who the animal’s owner is.

But unlike content on similar Web sites in other counties, the information on the Web site at, created by the office of Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez, is limited to first name and phone number.

Ms. Lopez called the site a “hybrid approach” that increases the benefit of buying a dog license without compromising the privacy of county residents. But some members of the Lucas County Dog Warden Advisory Committee, which recommended creation of the site, were disappointed it didn’t provide more information.

“The information is public record and I feel the addresses should be listed,” said Jean Keating, founder of the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates and a member of the Lucas County Dog Warden Advisory Committee. “Why do we want to make it harder for people [to return dogs to owners]? I looked at some numbers and many are cell phones. Those change quite frequently but usually your address is good for at least a year.”