Increasing Your Social Circle with Online Gaming


We are all aware that online gaming is massive, but it isn’t always clear why. One of the biggest draws of online gaming is the fact you are introduced to like-minded people. You get the opportunity to play either with or against people you wouldn’t ordinarily come across. In simple terms, online gaming is popular because you make friends.

There it is, in black and white, the real reason why so many of us are engaging in the latest technology is because it allows us greater social interaction. It doesn’t matter what type of game you prefer, whether you are a fully-fledged member of the Mecca Bingo Club or refuse to play anything other than Call of Duty. Either way you are able to expand your social horizons and spend a great deal of time with new contacts, whilst fulfilling your entertainment needs.

The way gaming is taking off means many real gamers spend more time with their online friends than their human acquaintances. The pull of online gaming is so great it is easy to spend hours at a time determined to complete the next level or win big, and the online community is with you every step of the way. It makes it acceptable to spend all your spare time online and is supportive in your need to keep playing.

What could be better than a large group of entirely supportive friends?

As time goes on the online friendships take a new turn, by adding each other on social media, exchanging phone numbers and for some even meeting in the flesh, rather than over the webcam. A real bond can form when an interest is shared and online gaming is now as responsible as something like Facebook or Friends Reunited for bringing people together.

As involvement in a particular game grows, so too does the level of involvement with the social circle and before you know it you have gained a life-long friend. Conversations don’t tend to stick at the last level you made it through or the strategy for your next game, instead online friends become confidantes and someone to pass the time with. Much like an existing friend.

There is no shame in making new friends this way, in fact it is now encouraged and something which gaming experts are focusing on.

Online gaming has grown immensely in recent years and more game manufacturers are coming round to the idea that it is the concept of an online community that encourages so many people to play.

We are naturally social creatures (some more than others) and there is no greater feeling than that of having multiple friends and strong social connections. Online gaming plays up to this idea, which in turn increases the strength of the online community building stronger social circles.

*This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: *@katht35

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