January 2014

Hair Washing Robot

At the Home Care & Rehabilitation Expo 2010 in Tokyo, Japan, Panasonic exhibited a prototype hair-washing robot. The robot utilizes Panasonic’s robot hand technology. The left and right arm mechanisms adjust the pressure used to wash hair, depending on the shape of the user’s head.

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Advertising on Rental Cars

Wrap Media Group has partnered with Budget Rent a Car of Atlanta to wrap rental vehicles with the eye-catching Sheetsâ„¢ Brand Energy Strips. For the first time ever, renters will be able to get a significant discount when driving a Sponsored (wrapped) Rental Vehicle. “Like many other entrepreneurial ventures, this was conceived on a cocktail

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Advertising on School Buses

Fox News: In an effort to close widening budget deficits, states throughout the country are slashing funding to education, leaving school districts looking for ways to beef up revenue, and some have gone as far as to sell ad space on school busses. Cash-strapped school districts say it’s the only way to cover expenses during

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Delivering People to the Pizza

Scott Wiener loves pizza. Some people deliver pizza. But, Wiener delivers the people to the pizza with his tourism company, Scott’s Pizza Tours. Even native New Yorkers rarely venture to the city’s secluded pizza havens. With the NYC Pizza Bus, you’ll taste some of the city’s best kept secrets as you learn everything there is

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World Currency Map

Gadling.com: Let’s face it, standard maps are pretty boring, and can be purchased for just a few dollars at your local gas station – that is, if you’re not already using a Garmin or your smartphone to navigate the way. But we’re suckers for interesting maps, particularly those highlighting unusual areas or using unique art

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Restaurants Copy Taco Trucks

WSJ: A small but growing number of chains–such as Cousins Submarines Inc., Tasti D-Lite LLC and Toppers Pizza Inc.–are following in the tire tracks of those local food-truck businesses popping up on city streets around the U.S. Many brick-and-mortar eateries have added mobile units in recent years, and more are expected to do the same,

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Muslim Tourism Niche

121Carhire.com: According to a new study, experts are saying that Muslim tourists are a big niche market. In fact, this market alone is worth more than $126.1 million a year. This is a figure that is expected to continue growing. The report suggested that the figure was going to grow by 4.8 percent per year

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