New York Entrepreneur Sells City Tap Water


As counter-intuitive as it may seem, New York tap water is incredibly fresh and pure. It comes from a reservoir in upstate New York and, as it wends its way to the city, it is filtered, processed, cleaned, and purified.

Entrepreneur Craig Zucker has begun bottling and selling New York City tap water. After running water through a reverse-osmosis system that removes chlorine and impurities, he markets it under the name Tap’d NY. A 20-ounce bottle runs $1.50, a fairly high price for bottled water.

On the bright side, Tap’d NY doesn’t need to be shipped from the mountains of Vermont, the Springs of Maine, or the rocky beaches of Fiji, which means that it is, actually, a comparatively green option.

On the other hand, even irony-enhanced New Yorkers might have a hard time shelling out cash for something they already get for free!

Photo by Lea Rubin.

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