The Journey To Build A Better Camper

Burlington Times News:

Chandler Palethorpe bought a small, name-brand camping trailer a few years ago and spent a good deal of time studying how he might improve the design.

One thing Palethorpe disliked was a table that intruded into the camper’s already limited living space. It was a bother.

Palethorpe, 50, said his wife, Emily, noticed the same thing and asked her husband – a jack of all trades when it comes to design – if he might make a better table.

Palethorpe did, creating what he calls a “magic table.” It can be folded out of the way or reconfigured in any number of positions.

“Nobody was doing one and I thought maybe I could patent it,” Palethorpe said. “But I kept looking and looking, and the next thing I know, I’m making trailers.”

Palethorpe’s business is ParkLiner, an operation that produces camping trailers that measure only 15 feet from tongue to back bumper.

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