Top three apps for presenting data


For the last decade or so, business owners and presentation-givers alike have been using the Chart tools in Microsoft Excel and Apple’s Numbers to bring their data to life. But new mobile app technology is about to take the data presentation world by storm – it’s just about opening people’s eyes to what’s out there and what a difference these ‘new’ tools can bring to presenting your numbers to the big bosses.

With the recent integration of the tablet into the mainstream workplace, it’s easy to get lost in a world of business apps which are primed and ready to transform what was once a flipchart presentation into an all-singing, all-dancing animation that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Here are our top three apps for turning your tablet into the greatest presentation tool ever known:

ShinobiSuite for iOS

This tool is especially useful for presenting to potential clients, companies and customers. Its user-friendly interface means that even the most number-phobic presenter creates brilliant-looking charts and graphs – and using real-time data too!

This ‘straight from the box’ option lets you colour-code your animated graphics to boast your brand, and transforms the look of your data from drab to fab in an instant. Designed by ShinobiControls, these iOS libraries are perfect for keeping your audience in-the-know and focused on your message.

Dictadroid for Android

If your data is more qualitative than quantitative, it could be better to talk through the results with the boardroom, as opposed to presenting charts of data.

Available for Android devices for £1.85, the Dictadroid Voice Recorder app turns your mobile and tablet into a completely editable Dictaphone. It is ideal for playing back notes, sharing captured feedback and even consumer opinions too.

RemoteView for Windows, Mac and Linux

Before you start frantically patting yourself down to find that precious USB stick with your presentation saved onto it, stay safe in the knowledge that remote access applications, such as RemoteView, are on-hand to save the day.

By installing the software tool onto your smartphone, PC and tablet, you can have complete access to files on each device! Perfect if you’re working out of the office and need that document on your work PC.

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