After graduating with her Master’s degree, Joanna Davies went in search for the right job. When a job didn’t materialize, she did the next best thing reports Dorset Echo.

The local girl returned to her home town to set up new business, The Gilded Teapot, after graduating a year ago with a masters degree in cultural studies from the University of Winchester.

She said she spent a year trying to find any kind of employment.

“I could only get a couple of days a week part-time work and would spend all the rest of my time trying to find a job.”

“I was working at a tea shop myself and had a good relationship with suppliers, so thought ‘this is my chance to build something because the jobs market is non-existent.

“There are two industries that seem to be recession resistant, and they are lipstick and tea, so I went with tea,” she said.

Joanna said the entrepreneurial spirit is in her blood.

“I come from a family of people who are almost entrepreneurs and have started their own businesses.”

Logo from The Gilded Teapot