Niche Biz: Energized Sunflower Seeds

Once considered a simple snack, an inventor has decided to take sunflower seeds to a whole new level by making them a source of energy.

The inventor is Jason Morris, who says the snack is superior to energy drinks because his invention doesn’t produce a sugar high and subsequent crash.

About three years ago, Morris was playing softball in the middle of the night and looking for an energy boost without having to consume liquid.

“I was chewing sunflower seeds and saw other people consuming energy drinks, and I thought, ‘I’m going to mix the two.’ ”

He experimented with about 25 recipes at home before he came up with a product worthy of showing a manufacturer.

“When people try them, they want more,” Morris said. “They love the flavor, love the energy they get. It’s not a high dose of energy that provides this massive energy into the system and then a crash. This is more sustained.”

There are five flavors: sweet and spicy chili, roasted and salted, dill, ranch and barbecue.

Image from Zips Energy Seeds

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