Giving The Gift Of Personalized Chocolate

Chocolate has been a symbol for Valentines day for many years but many people don’t realize just how special this treat can be at any time of the year. Thanks in part to companies like Tasty Image more people are finding that customized chocolates, from custom lollipops to party platters, are just what they need as a gift to someone they love or to celebrate a special moment in their life.

Launched in 2003, Tasty Image has been lucky enough to see growth among its products and its customers. Their custom printing technology offers a quality printing resolution, giving them an advantage in the custom chocolates business and among customers.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Alexander Voskoboinik about the business and their affiliate opportunity.

Tell us a little about Tasty Image.

Tasty Image has an absolutely unique and revolutionary, personalized confectionery product.   It is based on an innovative chocolate printing technology that enables you to reproduce any custom image, picture or text on any type of edible medium (chocolate, cookies etc.). The resolution is great and the picture is 100% edible!

What inspired it?

The innovation of our printing system is what makes us completely different from any chocolate producer and gives us an unbeatable advantage in the market.

In what ways has your business grown since it first launched in 2003?

The business has grown by offering a greater variety of chocolate and confectionery products and services.  We not only offer high quality stock chocolate, but custom orders to satisfy every palate and pocket book! We have also grown into a dramatic online presence with a user friendly website that is both beautiful and state of the art!

What are some goals you still hope to accomplish?

Multiply our franchisors all over the US and the world, when constantly developing and implementing new ideas to improve their model of profitability

What separates your business from the competition?

Our chocolate printing system, diversity of chocolates, patented technologies and shapes of our chocolate products, convenience of our accommodations (our store is a meeting place where people can bring friends, enjoy a cup of coffee, a delicious truffle and enjoy the complimentary wifi.)  Besides producing and selling all types of personalized chocolate, we also organize Birthday parties and candy making classes, and during weekends we have great flowing chocolate fountains.  Quality, personalization and old fashion values….this is what we are all about.

How many different chocolate products do you currently offer?

There are dozens of ideas, products and services which we offer to our customers.  Our candy cases house over 100 different truffles and chocolate delights and we have no shortage of original ideas to compliment any event.   Personalized chocolates, chocolate fountains, chocolate gift boxes, molded chocolate, holiday gift towers, etc… Each category contains many different variations of products and we’re constantly working to implementing more innovations.

Tell us a bit about your affiliate program.

We have 2 affiliate program options:

a. Tasty Image Online affiliate program! Have a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account? Or maybe operate a business, personal or hobby website? Join our FREE online Affiliate Program and make extra money by promoting Tasty Image products and services right on your site! Earn up to 12% of all the sales generated through your website or social media accounts!

b. Chocolate consultants affiliate program — Refer off-line private and business customers to Tasty Image. Make up to 28% every time your customers place an order. Also make $100 each time your referee joins Tasty Image as a Chocolate Consultant
Minimal initial investment. 24/7 customer service & support.

Flexibility: Transition from  work you might be doing now into this new business, establish your clientele and gradually grow from part to full time.

Perfect opportunity for:
-Anyone who is looking for part or full time income while having fun.
-New mothers with young children… stay with your child rather than put them in daycare.
-Students with revolving schedules which change from day to day.
-Seniors who find it difficult to re-enter the work force but are not ready to sit in their rocking chairs! 
-Last but not least, someone who wants to give up from their current job because they want to eventually work for themselves… this is the perfect  launch to your  very own business in the fun, creative and stable confectionary industry.

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What are your requirements?

$499 initial investment for Chocolate consultants affiliate package.

What are some lessons that your business has taught you?

When you have a bright idea and clear vision in your mind — go for it and be persistent and you’ll make it!

Have you always been entrepreneurial?  What lead you to become a business owner?

Eight years ago,  with no business experience, Derri Cerbone made the decision to become  self employed. While attending a business opportunity show,  she ventured from booth to booth looking for anything that would grab her attention before coming across a company that produced edible images.  She was fascinated when the sales representative took a picture of her and put it on a lollipop in less than two minutes. “During those two minutes I decided that this is what I wanted to do,” she says. Today, Derri owns the successful Tasty Image franchise in Jupiter, Florida.

Any advice you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

You must believe in your product and in yourself.  We have a wonderful product that truly helps other people to enhance THEIR business, or THEIR party or THEIR fundraiser.  When you have something good and you know it, it shows before you even say a word!

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