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Trackingpoint pgf Rifle

Extreme Tech:

At CES 2013, thanks to a company called TrackingPoint, hunting rifles can now be considered a piece of consumer electronics. Starting at $17,000, TrackingPoint is launching a range of Precision Guided Firearms (PGFs) that use a Linux-powered scope and other advanced technologies to provide shooters with real-world auto-aim.

Rather than looking directly down your scope at the target, you instead look at a small digital display that has HUD-like data overlaid. The augmented view shows range, wind speed, and other important info for hitting your target — but as you’ll soon see, this data is rather superfluous.

Once you’ve picked out a target, you tap a button near the trigger to mark it. The target is then tracked by the scope and its built-in laser. When you want to fire, you pull the trigger — but rather than immediately firing, you then line the crosshairs up with the target. When the crosshairs line up with the laser dot, the rifle automatically fires. According to Ars Technica, the built-in Linux computer automatically accounts for temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, the age of the barrel, and more, to ensure that your shot hits the target.

Video below.

For some reason, I just happened to stumbled on the California law for computer assisted hunting this weekend.

§251.9. Computer Assisted Remote Hunting. (a) It is unlawful to take or assist in the taking of any bird or mammal in or from this state, by computer-assisted remote hunting. (b) It is unlawful to establish or operate a computer-assisted remote hunting site for the purpose of taking any bird or mammal from or within this state. (c) For the purposes of this section, “computer-assisted remote hunting” means the use of a computer or any other remotely controlled device, equipment, software, or technology, to remotely control the aiming or discharge of any weapon, including, but not limited to, any firearm, bow and arrow, spear, harpoon or any other weapon capable of killing or injuring any bird or mammal, for the purposes of taking any bird or mammal. “computer-assisted remote hunting site” means any computer, internet site or web-based device or system, or other electronically operated site or system used to assist in the remote taking of any bird or mammal.

Suffice to say, this product won’t be available in California.

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